• the_unemotional_one 46w

    Back to where I belong

    Sitting beneath this,
    Vast blue cloudless sky,
    I feel an awe just by looking,
    At it's infinite size.

    My soul just wants to,
    Dissolve itself in this blue canvas,
    That's spread across the globe like,
    The arms of a mother around her baby.

    These winds that kisses my face,
    Taking my fragrance to unkown lands.
    I want to scatter in a thousand small,
    Fragments mixing in these winds so gentle.
    I want to travel distant lands in these winds.

    In these calm waters of the ocean,
    I want to be submerged and talk
    To the fishes in the deep fathoms.

    For long have I lived this life
    Amongst the thousand souls,
    Trapped in these bodies made of flesh.
    Now again I want to return to the place I
    Originally was made from.
    Back to the arms of mother nature,
    Where just eternal peace dwells,
    The only music is the melody of the birds
    And the humms of the bees,
    The lullabies are from the duet of
    The trees and the wind.
    Just want to return to the place
    Where I Originally belong