• thetruthseeker 48w

    The echo in my ears

    I boarded a local bus
    That carried all of us
    And got us down near the square
    Where many in vehicles
    Many on feet with a heart eager to meet
    The king of all
    But as I stepped a voice echoed in the ears
    "Hello boy listen to me without any fear"
    It said "Many come to meet lord
    Pulled by His tight chord
    Some to cherish a bath in the beach
    Some to preach. Many are here
    To make a business
    And some to search for the lost happiness
    They walk bare feet fearless of the nails
    Run on the beach sand searching for sea shell
    But few come to really visit me
    With a clean heart to enjoy the heritage
    And make a successful pilgrimage
    Talking to me addressing me in their prayers
    But anyone else hardly cares
    As they come to seek a boon from the Lord
    As if he was a giant businessman and not God"
    "Who is it" I asked astonished at the Voice I did hear
    The voice replied "It is the Jagannath land Puri my dear"