• ak1931 12w

    A lover....

    A lover is not just the one who has the right to be intimate with you,
    Who has the right to kiss you...


    A lover should be the one who shows you how intimacy can be shared even when you are deprived of sharing cute happy moments,

    A lover should be the one who shows you and who proves you that it's not just your lips who are meant to be kissed but your finger tips too are meant to be kissed,

    Every bit every inch of you being very beautiful is what your love must teach you.....

    Your love should show you that ears aren't just for hearing but they can also feel the blush which one experiences when kissed,

    Your eyes aren't just a source of vision but also the most beautiful place of your body and the best place to give you lovely exceptional kisses,
    Your love should teach you this !

    Your love should also be the one who surprises you at times by giving you few xoxos over your nose and play nosey nosey with you ,

    Your love should accept you with everything you got and always make you feel that from head to toes you have got perfection by loving you soulfully