• bandeyaa__ 47w

    I hope you come back, Not for ever but just for once, for once come and see, for what I was and what I am now, I was the morning to your nights, The blanket to your cold, The light cold breeze in summer, The shadow for your body, Now? What am I now, I am still there, I am still the morning, I am still the same cozy blanket, I am still the cheesy part of a pizza slice, Yes, I have gone cold now, For you made me that, It was you that taught me to stay, It is still you, teaching me to go, You don't want to get out of the dark, But I don't shine for others, I don't have the calmness of the sun, I don't have the magical powers to sustain life anymore, For you took all of it with you, I am now that ignored bread of a pizza, Which you hated, I am now the person you don't want, For if u get time, come and see me, For what I was, for what I am now.