• memoirsfromahopelessromantic 49w

    The Enamorado's Cruise

    A warm spring Saturday evening
    When the sun is about to hit this perfect shade of orange hue
    I hop in my 63’ chevy, to take a trip down Whittier
    with the top down I jump inside its cold leather seats
    I start off on Indiana making my way down Rowan
    At the bus stop on Ford, I see the mom from the house across the street from mine
    Holding a bag of Hojas de Maiz for what looks like tamales for tomorrow morning
    Typical Sunday morning in East Los
    It’s either Lillianas or home made
    Its better when mi abuelita makes it, with the maiz simmering early morning,
    with the champurrado steaming right next to it.
    I can taste the chile rojo, chocolate, and piloncillo right on my tongue
    I cruise down El Arco between McDonnell and Arizona.
    Then with the slightest of looks,
    my eyes stumble upon the girl from my Econ class.
    I find it interesting that shes the first thing I see
    in a street full of people that remind me of hummingbirds,
    jumping around from store to store
    to finally go home to abuelita and tamales and champurrado
    I’m back to her
    I see her wine red hair playing with the wind.
    As she turns to see me, she smiles and waves.
    I wave and smile back.
    What a smile.
    It reminded me of that one night with ----
    when the full moon was gleaming across the ocean.
    The waves looked as if it was covered with a blanket of diamonds,
    radiating with every streak of light
    Was that a good enough simile to compare her smile?
    It seems so dull when everything I try to say about her is an understatement.
    I’ve made it to Atlantic,
    the entire time thinking of her and her simile.
    Even if this was my thousandth time driving down this blvd,
    she manages to make this experience fresh.
    I haven’t stopped thinking of her.
    It’s something inexplicable.
    Although i will admit, whenever I see her, my heart beats faster than the wings of a

    - B.