• suryashidubey 48w


    To sell ice to the Eskimos
    Yes do they need it?
    They need protection from snow storms
    Also the bitter cold which harms
    The government in India also do the same
    They didn't give the needy, the required fame
    Instead they mock at them
    The leaders will never be full upto hem
    Still with thirsty eyes the people want
    Poverty and corruption everyday haunts
    They sell promises to all
    Bloody handed criminals ! see your soul walls
    We don't want you to sell our trust
    We don't want you to sell India to rust
    These leaders sell sari to women
    Talk as if they are from heaven
    We want you to save India from corruption's tempest
    Don't test the nation's patience for your jest
    Otherwise we will not be selling votes to you
    Which is something you all enjoy except few