• shivamgohel 49w

    I am not a good man

    "Do you have feelings for me?", she asked while dancing with me.
    "Yes" i said softly looking into her beautiful eyes
    "Then why wouldn't you tell me anythin'?" She said angrily

    [ I looked into her eyes constantly for two minutes and i could see that thirst in her eyes ]

    "I was in love with you from the first time i saw you. You are beautiful and defination of happy, and me, i am all messed up. Mostly because i am tired of lousy friends, lously relationships and i am tired of opening myself to wrong people, i am tired of getting hurt and i am tired of myself. I will need you more then you will ever need me. And i will get angry on you, i might not talk to you for days, or maybe i would have no money or time to spare with you, and i dont want that, not for a girl like you. You are meant to be with someone who can love you unconditionally and always keeps you smiling. All i will do is make you cry and maybe be totally dependent on you."

    [ Her eyes were watery ]

    "All i want is someone to see good in me, to tell me that it will not be always like this, to love me and to make me feel special, to tell me not to smoke any more cigarattes, to sit near a shore for a whole night, to talk with me endlessly and most important i want someone who puts me on a higher priority.
    I can see all these things in you honey but you deserve a better person, and it's not me;
    I am not a good man."

    [ She stared at him for sixty seconds and she jumped on him and kissed him ]

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