• bat_girl 14w

    Those honey kissed mop of hair,
    And sparkling sky blue eyes,
    One look from those lovely pair
    And your stomach giggles with butterflies;

    A wicked-evil stare he gives,
    Dies a million deaths and relives,
    Smirks his lips like waves of the ocean,
    I just wish he'll use the amortentia potion;

    We could just fly off to places in his Nimbus 2001 broom,
    To discover his enigma during cosy spring's bloom,
    If only he'd stupefy me with his wand of dragon heartstring,
    As vulnerable as I am to take shield in his right wing....

    #brandonscrushchallenge is a celebrity crush valid?? ����
    Mine is a celebrity crush.. ��
    I'm not sure whether I'm crushing on Draco Malfoy or Tom Felton��

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    Those honey kissed mop of hair.....