• anamika_mathers 49w

    A P A R T

    Dearly beloved,
    From the day we have parted, life has been too rushy. Everything has changed and lost. The little innocence I had, your memories that sprouted on my mind every night, your breath that collided with mine, your taste that lingered in my mouth, all are lost. And the memories have atrophied. I've changed to a different person. Someone cruel. I don't cry over little issues now, I don't smile very often, I don't miss you so very often. But, when everyone is gone and I slide in my bed under the covers, bringing the pillow closure to my chest, I miss you. Not very often. But everyday when the frolic crowd is gone, far. The loneliness then drags me to your memories. The ticking of the clock hands striking eternity, the shivering of the leaves out of winter breeze, the zephyr, all could be heard. And every second the clock strikes, your memories go deep into my mind then making a way to my heart. Sometimes the twinkling stars steal my glance to them. I feel they glow only for me. I feel like its you hovering over the sky for breaking a glance at me. Engulfing me in your silence, letting it sink in my soul for eternity. I take a cigarette between my fingers. I'm restricted by everyone but even then I smoke. Because it reminds me of you. The smoke getting inside me feels like its you, going deep inside me, making a way to my heart. Losing yourself in me. As the smoke swirls out my mouth I can see you sitting near me. Adoring me. Thinking what I've become, caressing the deep cuts in my wrist, bringing me closure to your chest and whispering in my ear that you love me.

    Yours _________