• sahika 2w

    His Smile

    I have seen many
    But his,
    Is the one which ended my heart's tyranny.

    Everyone does
    But when it is him,
    I feel like all my problems happened to

    His smile,
    Of that I am a die hard fan.
    I wish to see that whenever I can.
    For when I see that zygomaticus synchronise,
    My mind gets hypnotized.
    My rock hard core gets liquified.
    My soul feels dignified.
    My memory gets randomly uncustomised.
    As a conclusion,I forget myselves.

    His smile
    So pleasant and with a dazzle
    So friendly and gentle
    So reassuring and polite
    So gracious and nice
    So soft and easy
    So dashing and lovely.

    To him I say
    Baby,Keep smiling!
    For when you smile
    The heavens come down for a while
    Warmth and affection fills in,
    The same way air gets filled in by the smell of alcohol melissyl
    And although many would be jealous
    Of your charisma and your style.
    It is your smile which can answer them no matter how vile(they are).