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    Friday Night Bedtime Story - Blue Love Poetry Collection

    May I tell you
    A bedtime story
    May I offer you
    An escape
    May I suggest you
    Close your eyes
    And allow me
    To spin my words
    Around your hips
    And take you
    Take you down
    All the way
    Into my deepest
    Most erotic fantasy
    Imagine me
    In your mind
    See me
    See all of me
    I'm wearing
    A black lace bra
    With black lace panties
    And garter belt
    Black silk nylons
    Black stilettos that
    Accent the curve
    Of my calves
    My hair hangs
    Effortlessly over
    One eye
    As my red lips pout
    In expectation of you
    I will leave
    My lipstick
    Wrapped around
    Your manhood
    As a reminder
    That you
    Were in my mouth
    That I held you
    In my mouth
    And licked you
    Into hardness
    Until slowly
    I sat on top
    Of your waist
    And slipped you
    Deep into my hips
    Imagine this
    You are with me
    You are lying next
    To me tonight
    You can feel
    The heat of
    My body
    Radiating onto your skin
    You can hear
    My heart pounding
    With love for you
    As I sleep
    You can hear
    Me whisper
    Your name
    As I dream
    Of you
    Inside of me
    Let me
    Tell you a story
    It’s the story of the
    Love I feel
    For you
    My love
    I love you
    (C) 2018 Linda A. Long - Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC - All Rights Reserved