• youngblood_ 7w

    Ok I gotta be honest.

    I haven't written the post yet; yeah I'm writing this caption first. 'Cause I'm at that point of desparate-ity
    (I know that's not a word ��) but I really wanted to post something.

    So I'm gonna start with the fact that I didn't get enough responses for that shout-out thing-a-ma-jiggyy (lol I'm extremely weird����).
    In fact I got a single by @flying_spirit . Thanks hon, a lot, for that. But I'm really sorry : since you were pretty much the only person who said exactly 'yes' so I won't do it.

    I don't even think I should even wait for it cause at this point if time its just lame.
    Also @shravyaganta also asked about that, which I heartily appreciate. But then again I didn't get responses... So I'm sorry for disappointing you (which I do a lot sorry for that ����)

    Then next I have the fact that I have my school from tomorrow (about which I have no idea why I even told you..I mean as if u kno me personally ������������������������).

    Also I've recently decided that I'll just write all crap in the captions so obviously they're gonna be long 'cause I practically even talk a lot so....

    Ok I think you got it ����

    So it's all up to you guys if you wanna read the whole thing...That would actually mean the world to me if you'll read all the mess I'm gonna blabber about ��������


    Ok I've reached a point I don't even know what to write anymore so I'll just stop talking (writing ������������) and think of something for the post ����������

    Peace!!! ������

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    That moment when you are ironing your school uniform
    At 11:45 p.m. the night before the school reopens.