• willow923 15w

    Title- I Espy through the trees, hoping one will come to me, for the pines and oaks I relate with to well.

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    These woods behind my home call out
    my name, sometimes i look in them just
    to see if someone's waiting. The oaks
    and pines like me have a mind; death
    starts from our limbs down to our toes.
    Seeking to be felt, though even rain runs
    away, smoke from the neighbors chimney
    rises to the white spotlight at night; my
    poetic strings want to grab onto the
    smoke to take a leave and a ride.
    How I hunger and thirst just to
    get my fingers sticky from the
    honey of another trees sap, a
    love letter I hope for though
    looking forward to the future
    because here amour I couldn't
    have. So i'll let the raindrops fall,
    they'll clean my sweaty work skin,
    let myself drown in the water hoping
    on a ship someone will pull me in; oh
    what's the use of hoping for a touch
    of a dream, shaken to many hands
    only felt their cold beings. God i
    do call your name, will you hear
    please, on your globe im just a disease
    wanting to be someone else's cure.
    I've been a mummy in a casket
    wrapped in plastic waiting for my
    "mi amor". Though like the pines
    and oaks you know Lord here my
    times so unsure, as fake doctors
    give medicine's, television gives
    fame, fake lovers adore here only
    self and selfish games. Babies
    daily get named, mother's with no
    man, warmakers their hungry to put
    children in bodybags. Greed has taken
    over the cities, commercials for sin.
    Lord I'm dying to get in, Lord im
    dying to leave. Where I can be
    understood, no questions needed
    who I am or begging please. Just
    to have someone want me, just
    to have someone want me. To
    Pick up a line, having me on
    their mind, Lord I'm running
    out of time as you know this to
    well. Does a light gotta go through
    the pit made of sh.. before heaven
    he dwells; Lord take my eyes and close
    them I cant even look at myself. Lord,
    this heart is heavy with the burden of
    a million lost souls tied into one. I miss
    the feeling of someone missing me, i
    want to be someone's recipe they
    mix together in pure love. I want to
    be someone's sun that warms them
    in cold nights, can't even get one
    to see me guess it's just dreaming
    every night. I want to escape, simply
    just disappear, wouldn't matter if i'm
    gone my lord, noone would even
    notice here. I've tried so hard
    lord, and no I'm not giving up,
    but in truth lord my red's almost
    out, im at the point it's
    been enough. Lord,
    someone with a heart
    full of love to give it to
    someone doesn't belong
    in a world where noone
    even needs or wants it.
    I can write all day Lord,
    what hurts; noone
    even gets it.

    © Brandon nagley
    © Lonesome poets poetry