• pathetic_poet 5w

    Have you ever felt that you are in a very tight crowd, yet your eyes focuses on one person and the remaining crowd goes blur. It was her! Her smile, her damn Smile! It threw me off a cliff, yet her thoughts resurrected me again. She struck me like a lightning, my heart skipped a beat, eyes dilated, nerves were filled with oxytocin. It felt like i was high on cocaine and I couldn't stop. At the exact moment we shared a light smile and a strong sight that could last Eternal. I knew she felt what I felt. Our heart beats synced. I knew she was mine. We met, we laughed, we cried and we loved, Oh! we loved with a Love that was more than love itself. But a moth can never share his life with a Butterfly in this world. So we started to spun a cocoon together with just our love so that no one will ever hurt us. We will come out when this world accepts that Love trumps hate, caste, community, religion and color. We will come out together, till then we will guard our love with our Life.