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    An attempt Against An Abuse

    - by ©KcrieShNaa

    What If I say this is not again an erotic Story.
    Its my voice against a myth
    Against a stupid shitty theory.

    It was her first night
    She was happy, a little Scared
    Whatever going to happen
    Seriously, Not meant to be fair

    She was on the bed,
    Shy and afraid.
    Then She heard a knock
    her man came inside
    & put the doors on Lock.

    He came , He was excited.
    And he was feeling so Crazy
    She was Wearing a red Sari
    looked like a rose inbetween the daisy.

    "You are so beautiful."he said.
    A deep silence
    She replied "Thanks"
    This was their first conversation
    A start to fill all the blanks.

    He lean towards her
    unclutched her hairs aside
    She hides her face in shyness
    It was the moment of bride.
    And then they Kissed
    This was thier first Kiss
    One more step towards immortal bliss.

    And A Knock,
    Yes, Again a knock at the door
    Gives a tension to the groom,
    & he step out on the floor.

    It was his mom & dad,
    they gave him a white bedsheet.
    Asked him to use on the bed
    to ensure that new bride is gonna bleed.

    He took it, closed the door
    and came back to his love.
    Crying inside he took a glimpse of her.
    Noticed, She was looking like a fairy Dove.

    It was a night of intimacy
    So we should respect their privacy.
    Let them enjoy
    thats what should be the courtesy.

    5A.M., the night of the love
    was about to over.
    Room was full of her scent
    like garden of fresh morning flower.

    And the night has been passed
    which was not less than a Storm.
    Breathings exchanging in deep silence,
    playing the role of an alarm.

    And something interrupted their sleep
    As They heard a knock again
    Taking a pause he checked the bedsheet
    Clean sheet, there were no stain.

    He was worried,
    he had the reason.
    If he didn't do anything today,
    her life will be spend in a prison.

    He promised to stand for her.
    Promises can not be withdrawn.
    his Parents were knocking the door
    It was the time of dawn.

    Now he checked the drawer
    full of anger he was burning in heat.
    Short of thoughts he opened the door,
    And returned the bedsheet.

    His parents were happy,
    as they saw a red stain.
    How old-fashioned are us?
    why dont we break the chain?

    He locked the door,
    and looked at the love of his Life.
    His hand was bleeding,
    And he was hiding the knife.

    Yes, He cut his hand
    to stain the Sheet.
    Whatever he did,
    I dont think I need to repeat.

    She was so lucky,
    Not every girl has such Luck.
    Hey Society,
    Its our Life so Let us Live.
    Stop giving us the fuck.

    The End.

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