• hafsababa 46w

    Dear Sun

    I hope you let yourself free someday
    so there’s enough warmth for people
    that they burn to keep your memory, 
    their clothes stick to them in desperation
    and they don’t need others to embrace them
    till the mirrors fall in love if no one does

    I hope you can rise and never set
    so there’s no need of candles that melt
    to burn darkness that has to be endured
    and people can never sleep with eyes open
    for dreams to beheld lie in the eye lids 
    till no one rises alone as the light always stays

    I hope you can touch people someday
    so they know you can wrap them in bliss
    tell them about the rainbows in their hearts
    and they look inside without cringing
    to hold the fire they thought burnt them
    till they believe they’re viable