• observethecolors 53w

    He at 2' night be like
    opening the WhatsApp memory box
    presented by her
    Even god doesn't know about the magic of
    her presence
    except him, either virtual or real.
    unexpectedly she came on the floor and
    messaged him,
    Boosting his beat to 120/sec
    Heart , tearing down his chest..
    with those red spots on the cheeks.
    She, generating the same curiosity,
    Every single millisecond of his breath
    appeared worth taking,
    As long as the " typing...." flashing on the screen....
    Those 3-4 remaining hours of night,
    He travelled the time.
    still gazing, going with the flow,
    Believing her to be on the other side of the phone.
    To conclude....
    His eyes never rested,
    same loop executed.
    Rise of the sun, endless nights..
    And that wait for the "typing....".

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    ©nav_bansal | OtC