• lotika 49w

    Technology !will it replace mutual conversations?

    I was traveling in a bus when I heard the couple behind me talking " The selfie did not come good, we'll try another after getting down. " Almost at the same time a woman sitting right in front of me asked the lady beside her, "Didn't you see this on YouTube? "
    I was also into my phone but for a moment I felt ashamed of myself I thought what I was doing... What everyone is doing nowadays? There is only topics about facebook, whatsapp, etc etc....Everyone is very busy but no one has a second to ask someone face to face "How are you? "
    Or Rather "How is your family? "
    We are so much involved in our social media world that we are simply getting out of the real world... The world which is bestowed with so many other beautiful things. God created them to witness.... And human beings are simply becoming machines in the hands of technology.... So guys I simply want to convey a short message to everyone that let's begin through us.... Let's for sometime forget our phones and ask one another face to face, "How are you? " Surely this takes much short time than texting someone....