• arm541 14w


    For the first time I saw thee,
    You charmed me like the eyes of the Medusa.
    No sooner did I look into them,
    At that instant,Time stood still.
    As I saw there at the banks of Syracusa.
    Thou werest a princess,I,a nobody.
    You personified Solace,mine was Melancholy.
    Yet,breaking all barriers,we acquainted with each other.
    The world refused the match,but I stood unapologetically
    For us then,the society was never a bother.
    Yet I hurt thine noble heart,infinitely.
    Cried for my Sin,had cursed Destiny,
    But forgot about the pain you suffered because of me.
    The life inverted completely.
    I begged for a chance,but not seeing the repentance in me,
    You deserted me.
    But by divine Providence,you wished me good luck before parting with me.
    I thought I found the other half in you but was reminded,
    Of the curse which Zeus inflicted on humanity.
    "I separate you both,finding each other won't be easy."
    "Until your hearts beat for each other,absence of each other will make you cry."
    The howling of the wolves remind me of my agony.