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    Reticent people...overtly curious, overtly sensitive... They are the ones who like dealing with things on their own, filling their emptiness on their own.
    They aren't stuck up or anti- social. They love listening, observing, noticing the myriads of subtleties contained within, such as the moods of people, vibes etc.
    We love being lost in the pages of books we read, in the tunes of songs we listen to.. we love noticing the spark in the eyes of people when they talk about their dreams, their passions.
    Yup, we are everywhere, yet no where. We are empty, yet so full. At times, it's chaos behind this poised calm. Our reticent-self overpowers our impulsiveness.
    We aren't loners. Sure, we do have friends. But we don't open up to people so easily, and at times people confuse it with apathy or worse arrogance. Nope it's neither apathy nor arrogance.It's just that we people spend our words wisely (needless to say, cautiously too).
    For some, being reticent acts as their strength, for they feel in control to an extent. On the other hand, there are people who struggle with it. Sometimes wishing they could explain themselves, but feel like they don't know how to do it. They've trouble verbalising their chaotic thoughts, as a result of which vague statements like "I don't know", "You won't understand" often crop up in their conversations.
    So, is being reticent good or bad...??? Well, that depends. Often people make peace with this trait of theirs, and use it as their strength. While there are some of them who pay the price for being emotionally sealed.

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