• reddragonfly 53w

    A replay like a melody in my head...
    Our memories live
    Even if our love has already faded.

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    Memories of Rain

    His voice blended
    With the sound of raindrops on the roof
    Like tiny soldiers marching back and forth,
    Stomping their little feet, maybe grudgingly,
    Maybe a little sad, maybe they have gone mad.

    But he and I,
    In that air-conditioned classroom, alone,
    Eye to eye, face to face, bodies trembling,
    Unafraid, oblivious of the storm,
    Patiently waiting for something brave,

    Something bold,
    As the ticking of the clock deafened us both,
    I couldn’t say goodbye, how could I?
    I heard the thunder roared like an angry heart
    Commanding my body to move

    I walked towards him,
    Without words, because words are superficial,
    Bended, stapled a kiss on his awestruck lips,
    And ran away without looking,
    Leaving my umbrella in the room as I danced in the rain.