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    I (We) come across various news of around the world about mistreatment of girls.
    Why? What is their fault? Being a girl? Is that what the problem is?
    I am disgusted by the ill treatment. I have no idea what these sick people have in their minds that they go to such harsh extremes.
    It is so sick to see them treat women as mere objects. It's 21st century that we live in, and hearing something like this, in this time, is so so upsetting.
    I hope such things stop happening. And we happily live in a peaceful world. In a world where, everyone is treated equally and with respect.

    Thank You.❤️

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    #10 ~ C A G E .

    In a cage she was kept,
    And was treated like a prisoner.
    What was her fault?
    Was it that, she was of female gender?

    ~ R I .