• fareena_aliya 53w

    Zeus painted a pattern of perfection
    And life they gave to their Imagination
    'See the light' screamed God's angel
    Venus, and the women rose through their spell
    Under her lies the fragrance of wisdom
    that aroma airs more than geranium
    Graceful like butterfly, pretty to see
    and hard to catch she will be
    With many curves woman's body outshine
    but smile is the curve, that stays divine

    Femininity is the power she owns within
    to get her, the men get on knees therein
    Her purity speaks, her simplicity acts
    her dignity stays, her grace attracts
    Like a star she shines all the way
    and stays away from fake bouquet
    until a bride with pride she become
    and in her life let that only man welcome
    Virtue and modesty enlighten her charms
    and so her beauty lustres brighter than the stars