• nomchelvan 53w

    Memory trail

    We shall take a stroll through the summer morning,
    Where sweet smelling blooms awake their day,
    Sunlight blesses the dew and gives hope,
    To the birds for their nests to lay.

    We shall cross these boundaries which we hold so tightly,
    Our bodies together awake and free,
    And we will venture through time and meet in space,
    And lay our backs on the backyard tree.

    We shall dispell the gloomy laws that nature has put upon us,
    And prove that an apple falls towards the sky when we're upside down,
    From our tree house where we live to sense,
    The petty, little things that crawl in the lawn.

    We shall put our hands together and shape them into dimensions,
    Your fingers and mine forming constallations,
    We shall be so innocent to laugh at every lame joke,
    And share together our deep, secret passions.

    And you will smile to me as your lips curve,
    And I will smile back to you with no reason why,
    And we will comfort our fears with our littleness,
    And stretch each other's arms as wings to fly.

    We shall meet back in time and see us fall in love,
    In such beautiful ways, beyond fairy-tales,
    And I will feel that we've spent little time together,
    Be it so long as stars shine, we'll meet in our memory trail.