• chirasree11 16w

    You never really know how soothing it's when you fall in love with your own self finally. It will be a difficult course and you will get your heart broken a thousand times, you will be shown a hundred things in hundred ways until there is that one way of perceiving the whole matter that you need to reach. From there even though you want to shatter down, there's no way that you can but rather you have choose to be strong, understand that your life, outlook and way of living is your choice and it should not be impacted by others or what they feel.Similarly you cannot be analyzing another person's choice because ultimately you are questioning everything that you don't want in your life.The best way would be discarding those ways of being, stitching to your ways of living and moving away strongly where you have to try to fit in.In this course you will eventually start to widen your sense of being vision and one fine day realise that it doesn't matter, how many people you have to surround yourself with but you are so full of yourself that you slowly start to get lost in your own existence. This is how you fall in love with yourself.
    ┬ęChirasree Banerjee