• kareena_n 6w

    Where do you think crimes as horrific as rape start from? Home. The building of such a man starts from home. When you let go off your sons when they hit their sisters instead of teaching them not to do so, when you allow them to get away when they disrespect the women of the same house. When you never ever teach them what respect a woman holds, that is when you nurture a seed of crime in your soon-to-be-man boy.
    Ironically rules are bent for the girls of the house. ”Cover properly, bear the insults and eve-teasing without even replying.”
    And yes, women do have their equal share of mistakes. The way their obey to those filthy rules. The way they never stand up for themselves. The way they decide to keep quiet.
    To all those men, us women take up more than half of your society. Besides you yourself are half woman, where do you think you come from. You come from us. So our dignity is not something you play around with. We still live in a time when a woman has to beg for something as basic as respect. What a shame.