• the_black_book 6w

    The Breaking Point

    I kept going to my work because I was supposed to be the strong and independent woman. After some days, I got badly sick. It was probably my appendix so I called my father as he is a doctor as well. Meanwhile I was waiting for treatment to start, I messaged the senior one , a very formal application message saying sir I'm sick and i cannot attend surgery tomorrow and from there things got worst.
    He replied normally what happened? I said sir it might be appendicitis. He just got so weird. He texted " can you show me where it hurts?
    I mean what the hell man?
    I stopped replying and he kept messaging to show me the place where it hurts. I ignored.
    Then he asked if i went to hospital. I had to lie and told him yes so that he might shut up.
    And then he replied , why didn't you tell me because i could have given you an exam.
    I'm shook. I'm already in pain. My mind stopped working.
    I got angry. I snapped. I told him i don't want that. He said you could come to my private hospital. I almost yelled at him. I told him we examine patient when they have consented. I have not consented and then i blocked him. All of this is happening while i have an IV line in my arm and I'm already in physical pain and that asshole is bringing my brain to boil.
    This is how an educated doctor father figure at a work place breaks a strong medical student.
    I decided not to go back. I immediately texted my sister and told her I'm not going back but i couldn't get courage to told her because it was just so simply embarrassing.
    I told my friend but still it's weird. It didn't hurt me much but i think its the little abuses that affect you.