• writer_in__distress 3w

    Let Her

    Let her cry an ocean but take her to the unexplored islands in your boat.

    Let her know the possibilities and the strangeness of this world.

    Let her drown in her darkness before you make her appreciate the light she can radiate.

    Let her take care of herself before she learns the trade of give and take.

    Let her stay hidden before this world discovers what a wonderful person she is.

    Let her go find herself even if every cell of your body craves her.

    And only then one day she will let you in.

    Let her dream before your dreams start polluting hers,

    Let her fight for herself before you jump in for her rescue.

    Let her learn how to live without you before you show her

    the beauty of living together,

    Let her feel secure with you but not insecure without you.

    Let her explore because the world is vaster than your endearments,

    Let her fight for causes she chooses to belief,

    Let her be irrational before rationalities ravage

    Let her share her visions uncensored by the fear of losing your acceptance,

    Let her comeback to you before you chase her,

    Let her complain before you ask her to adjust,

    Let her be selfish before she finds the joy of sacrifice,

    Let her live devoid of limits before you impose anything.