• shafaque_fatima 50w

    Here's to my saviour

    All those months you served as a saviour
    All that time we cop each others behaviour
    Yeah!! We got it right till the end!!!
    I love you my best friend♥♥

    You save me from the oceans of emotions
    Those emotions which would have killed me
    With you at there my life got a motion
    Motion that I'm still living happily��

    Can't even count how much you abuse that piece of #rotten_shit ��
    And how fool I acted, now I don't care I swear it
    I cry so hard while laughing remembering the things we do
    I miss you so much and regret...I wish like you I could be there for you too��

    My every hard time must be irritated from you
    Cuz you make it easier��
    My heart is so beautiful cuz it's full of you
    But you're not the reason that it gets heaviour

    Darling being at long way from you makes me realise who you are for me❤❤❤
    You're my sister from another mister, you're just a star for me❤❤❤

    I want you to stay the way you are
    Darling you're in my heart❤
    No matters how much you're far
    Nothing can drive us apart.....

    I miss you and all the little things we do
    I miss us when we fight all through
    I miss every second we spent together
    Our #dream_house is to love forever����

    Missing you like hell here
    Wish you remember me there
    Hope we be together till our hairs turn to grey
    I love you bestie in everyway!!!!
    Miss you everyday!!!.....

    @demonic_beauty love you till I'm alive
    You know I've another besties too,
    but donno why I write only for you❤❤❤❤

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    Love us....
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