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    Is it so unhealthy to be mentally down ?
    Is it something so 'out of the world thing' that we need to hide it from everyone?
    Or is it something really rare, found only in some 'mentally disturbed?''
    If this is true, then no doubt we all must be characterised as mental patients.
    Cause no matter how much we hide, everyone fights such 'mental battles' innumerable times !
    Still we are afraid;
    Still we fake;
    Still we hide;
    Still we pretend to be the happiest;
    From whom?
    We all, riding in the same boat, still giving false signs about the arriving storm !
    Why this worldwide unhealthiness is looked down upon?
    Why every such case is directly linked to the term 'Depression'?
    Why is a mentally stressed person immediately declared as an psycho?
    Are we so much detached in between our own kind?
    Are we so much reserved that we need to be so anti-social?
    Or are we so immature and silly minded?
    Our so called 'educational degrees' all gone in vain?
    Our intelligence; our knowledge all turned to garbage?
    That we don't even have a sense of responsibility towards our own Mankind!
    If only once we could use our human brains practically rather than our judgmental criticism, then maybe hundreds of so called depressed teens would have been saved from hanging their own lives!
    If only once we could have tried...............

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    Only once

    If only once we could have tried..............