• poetic_depression 3w

    Why am I alone?
    Why does my heart cry, but no one hears it moan?
    What have I done that was so wrong,
    To deserve this isolated punishment?
    My tear supply has run out, this has gone on too long.
    I can no longer sleep.
    I am restless and my once strong will, has now become meek.
    They don't understand!
    They don't know the pain!
    They don't know the time I have invested into this sick and twisted game.
    I want to scram and yell!
    Why must I suffer in this earthly hell?
    I want to give up and fall into someone's arms,
    But that is impossible, however, when no one gives a damn about you or your self inflicted harm!
    I used to be able to close my eyes at night,
    But now I cannot close them and have to face my demons with no will to fight.
    The worst part about this, is the sad truth that no one looks long enough to notice.
    Do you not see me?
    Are you blind?
    I'm here on the floor, blood on my wrist,
    Can you not process this In your mind?!
    Am I supposed to fight this on my own?
    Because I don't see anyone jumping at the opportunity to show me love.
    You will never get it,
    This is a serious problem,
    I have already said it!
    The smallest word,
    The slightest touch,
    That could make a difference to someone!
    But NO!
    You don't want to be in a situation this messy!
    You would rather let my anxiety harrass me,
    Instead of intervening because these emotions are too "messy"!
    Quit acting like your life is soooo fine.
    Everyone has a beginning and end time,
    Is it healthy for me to want to end mine?!
    Oh....right, sorry,
    You don't care.
    Day 1097,
    I'm still looking for a cure,
    But I don't know if I'll ever find mine.