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    The death of emotions

    I have been here,many many times before.
    But yes, I never belong here alone.
    I am a reflection of a path to your way back home.
    And I cast the shadows of your lived life, black.

    I walk on the water, when they move on the land.
    I fly in air, I hide in clear and dusky rays.
    I am drowning in the mirror, with the puzzles of light.
    Your head have those lines, trying to say everything I mean.

    Time has buried me alive, it never lets me escape.
    How do you do it, isn't this impossible!
    Things you remember, things you forget.
    Don't you miss me, I guess you should!

    Liked to see you cry, whenever I smiled;
    I just need a phone call to your spirit, to fly.
    Pretty soon now, when I won't come around,
    You will be nearly falling to your knees, you will die.

    Take my curse on your back, won't you!
    I am always alive somewhere, somewhere else.
    Come cross my deserts and rain,
    Cheers to your death of emotions.


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    If it was meant to be it will
    Stop holding on to the shadows of an almost broken relationship.

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    Slow death

    My leaden legs,
    Drag me down,
    To my cubicle-
    Where I must drown,
    In the cacophony of incoming mails,
    And upcoming meetings.
    So I crawl through the day like a snail,
    When we're done with greeting,
    The exhaustion on our pretty faces.
    The wings that I was born with,
    Are rotting at the seams of my skin,
    Trying to break free,
    And leave me to die.
    While they go find someone who isn't afraid to fly.


  • Ce2c76139a7654d7c9665514b8644a2d linnie_sml 7h

    Carpet carried away
    the flourishing hopes
    Codes you wrote
    On the tablets of truth
    Your golden rule
    I tried to fathom
    But it left me
    in a phantom
    I sought solace
    While you severed my faith in you
    I hope you won't forget
    how much
    emotions screamed
    and memories dived into
    pools of regrets
    the moment
    the carpet
    uncovered your superficial love

  • 691afb66d6f77d923c03a832add4794f whitewings 7h

    It has been months.
    But I just can't get hold of my tears.
    Every day is the same.
    Morning rituals, then work...
    that brings in showers of small talk
    and polite smiles shared.
    Struggling hard through the day
    to push your thoughts away.
    Evenings I return, back to my room.
    To the poster of kitten on my door.
    To the empty yellow walls.
    The silence is deafening,
    the emptiness eats away my soul.
    Every inch of this place has your imprints.
    How do I wash away
    your essence from the ceiling and floor.
    My books stand mute.
    All the words have vaporised.
    And I seem to have
    bundles of blank pages
    stacked on the table.
    My clothes, even your favorite ones,
    have all turned grey.
    No color in my wardrobe.
    Somedays, I rush
    on my way back from work.
    Avoiding every conversation,
    every eye contact on my way.
    I rush to my room straightaway.
    And as soon as I'm in,
    I lock myself and burst...
    Burst out in the most bitter tears.
    I cry until my eyes hurt.
    I cry until I can cry no more.
    It's frustrating, saddening, hurting...
    This pain, agonising.
    It's sheer helplessness that I feel
    when I realise you're gone.
    That we'll never be the same again.
    I tell myself it's okay.
    I rush to the tap
    and splash water on my face.
    Hoping I'd be able to see things clearer.
    But end up seeing how broken I am.
    It's been months
    and I'm still stuck at our last smile.
    I lie awake every night
    trying to find the good in goodbye.
    Until I give in
    to the ache of my burning eyes.
    Put my head to pillow,
    with you in my heart,
    memories in my mind.
    Only to repeat the cycle
    with tomorrow's sunrise.


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    Here's my entry for the word of the day challenge hosted by @writersnetwork using the prompt word #forgive

    Que sera sera meaning: Live and let live.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 2018

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    Let go
    Fly free
    Que sera sera
    Live and let live
    Let forgiveness
    Work it's magic
    On you.
    ©Carolyn Glackin 2018

  • Missing0 word_trove 3h

    I wonder if someday
    someone will think enough of me
    to excavate the memories
    of who I used to be
    Maybe they’ll discover that
    I was a mother, a lover,
    a woman with varied interests
    and a fickle heart
    I wonder if they’ll
    consider my journey
    see my growth through
    the joy and pain along my way
    I wonder if they’ll uncover
    secrets I thought were
    long forgotten
    Will they understand
    who I was?
    Will they forgive my humanity?