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    When shattered
    I take off the fabric of my soul
    With fright i look at its holes
    "When have they torn you my cloth
    I thought i've knitted you
    With threads of love "
    I put it on my heart trying to fill it with warmth
    But oh dear fabric you were so cold
    Your laces were too old
    Is there a chance that i could fix us both?

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    Happy #springequinox ��
    Had to include a Kigo today��

    #haiku 443
    Crisp air bites on lungs
    as the sun resurrects life
    The Bees are stirring

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    Haiku 443

    Crisp air bites on lungs
    as the sun resurrects life
    The Bees are stirring


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    @_tanvi_ As you said. ❤️

    P.S. Don't judge me, it's fiction. And even if it is not, still don't. It happens.

    @writersnetwork Be my king? ��

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    Dear king

    By the time you will be reading this letter, I'll be gone from our world. Gone far away from our world of happily-ever-after and together-forever. The crown you gave me, was never mine. It kept sliding off my head, now I know why. I was never meant to be crowned, that gold was too much for this black soul.

    I know you are looking towards your hand that I promised to hold forever, and the tears might have started falling from your eyes on these words smudging my emotions, but I can no longer hide the truth. Don't crush the letter yet, there are words that are yet meant to be cursed by you.

    It was never a lie when I said your smile was prettier than the moon, but inside me, this fire yearned for the sun. The way you touched me always sent shivers down my spine, but maybe these veins were seeking warmth. The fragrance of the roses you gifted me tempted me to close my eyes and seep all the love into my soul, but maybe all I wanted was to see the rose blooming with open eyes. You gifted me a perfect universe but maybe there was always something special about the faulty stars.

    You adorned my lies, they brought that gleaming smile, and that glow on your face, you wore them proudly and were so fascinated, that I never thought I was doing anything wrong. But these millions of stars of lies can't brighten up the sky, it was only the sun of truth that can eliminate this darkness our relationship always held. And I gift this sun to you, I know it will make you cry rain of tears but in the end it will only end up filling your life with vibrant hues of rainbow.

    I loved you, every second, just not the way you deserve. You have made me smile in the worst days, but I couldn't even make you giggle with my tickling. Maybe because I never knew, you weren't ticklish. That hand I promised to held, has someone else's name in those engraved lines, someone who can make you laugh by tickling, just because you want to see her smile. She won't even need this crown that you gave me, she must be having one in her soul.

    Don't compare me to the moon of your life. I was just a small star, that you mistook for the sun, but that star has fallen now. The moon is yet to arrive, wait for her. And those memories we shared, they are beautiful, but those leaves need to fall from your tree, it's time to grow new ones. But every time someone walks by, their creaking sound will remind you of me. You'll feel the pain, but seeing the flowers you blossomed with your beloved, you'll dance with the breeze of bliss.

    I know you are hurt. But I am more, because I am the one who's leaving, leaving behind my moon in search of the sun, crossing the ocean, seeking the horizon where I shall meet my rise. Leaving behind those memories on the shore. But a part of me I left with you. Every drop of ink holds my infinite tears, every word holds my deepest emotions, and this page is a fragile piece of my soul, that I give to you. Don't cling onto this for long, throw it in the ocean when you meet the queen of your life, and it shall ride on the waves coming back to meet me at the horizon.

    Every tear you shed shall be etched on this paper-y soul of mine forever. It's okay to cry, trust me. You are only watering the seeds of love that will someday germinate into beautiful roses and your beloved will come to you through the fragrance.

    Yours never-meant-to-queen

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    With rapid strokes of her brush,
    She paints the image that lingers in her head.
    Captures the beauty of the one who makes her smile.
    Delicate fingers trail over the image.
    A broken heart that finally had healed.
    She hangs it up on a wall,
    Plain for all to see.
    I gaze up at the painting.
    The majesty of herself,
    Stares back at me.
    A smile sketches itself upon my face,
    Realising now -
    She put her broken pieces back together,
    By learning to love herself.


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    Set In Stone

    Do we lose intentions?
    The ones we held so dear,
    The vows so strong of long ago,
    Start to fade, and disappear.
    Is there no redemption?
    The truth can't be denied.
    The words exchanged in honesty,
    Cannot be left to die.
    Do we lose directions?
    The perfect life we sought
    Seems so very far away,
    Reaching out, but never caught.
    Is there no exception?
    Our future's set in stone.
    Wandering through our failings,
    With no way to get home.

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    Fake Smiles and Real Tears

    It's morning. There's sunshine outside. Not the scorched kind. The one which paints your skin ochre and warms your soul.

    But there is nothing to paint my skin. Certainly no warmth remains in my soul.

    The morning comes too soon for me. At least in the darkness, no one can see my tears.

    I get up nonetheless. My smiles have long abandoned me, but today, they come to my rescue. The tears.. they are straining.. begging me to let them free.

    But I resist. Just like I always have. How hard can it be to smile with an empty heart?

    And when the darkness falls, I cry.

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    Why are souls meant to be wild and free caged in the most notorious way possible? Is it because the world is afraid of what they might become or is it a way of their becoming?