• infinitywill 52w

    The roles we play

    We are not machines..we are not programs.we don't play a single role like machines or don't do one set thing like programs.we are multi taskers and play multiple roles throughout our life. Machines only do what they are made do. And WE make rules to bend them! 
    By the term role doesn't only mean a mother, brother, father, sister, teacher, student, employee, owner...a person is not confined only​ to these..from the moment we wake up we play numerous roles. We have been a morning person or a night owl, a friend, a loyal person, a neighbour, a roommate, a counsellor, a helper, a listener, a learner....
    We should never limit ourselves or think this is only what i can be..because we are already more than what we think.
    Look at yourself and write down​ what you have been today. You'll understand how much worth you are.
    I stand on this ground and look at the moon... telling the moon what i have been today.