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    Three years elapsed since the day Ayesha lost herself. She never expressed to anyone and no one talked to her. No, people were not scorn. There was just something about her that scared people off. Her eyes were so deep as if they held the mysteries of the universe and at the same time so hollow as if nothing in the world mattered to her now.

    Back Qais and Faisal's death, she did visited that place a number of times. She was even found roaming around the village at nights. But eventually that phase of her's, like everything, came to an end too. Women from neighbourhood brought her meals. That also blocked with time.

    Some sense prevailed on her and she returned to her lifestyle. But Faisal's absence haunted her at home and the sight of Qais's death followed her everywhere. For three years straight there was not a single night when she hasn't dreamt of her husband and son. And for the other nights she wept. Bitterly. Crying her heart out.

    After Faisal's eternal rest, when she went to sleep on their bed, she could smell Faisal laid besides her. During day she could hear Faisal singing his favourite line of a kashmiri song:
    "Tsolhama roshay roshay
    Walo myani poshay madno,

    English : "Away you went, with resentment
    Come back, oh my love, my flowery cupid
    Away you went"

    She could feel Faisal tapping on her head whenever her scarf slide down. With Faisal gone, her peace of mind also went away.

    All she was now left in this world was a 'house' which once was 'home' to her and mountains of memories.

    Just after Qais had left four years ago to join the arms uprising in the valley, Faisal had told her, "time heals all wounds." Now, Ayesha laughed at that memory. To her, how was time supposed to heal all wounds when time itself was a wound. A festering sore.

    Soon enough she realized it was better to preserve whatever memories were left in that house. She barred everyone from entering her house. No one came in and she also never left it.

    One night when she was wailing at her lose, there was a knock on the door. It was pitch black night, not a single streak of light could be seen anywhere. Clouds covered the face of the moon and even the stars were not left alone. The first knock she ignored, but after that it was no longer a knock,it was pounding. Someone out there was banging her door. She got lost in the train of thoughts.

    ' who could it be? ', her mind asked

    ' Army!! ', replied her heart

    And at this thought she grasped.
    Army to come at this time of night meant something that she didn't even want think about. The banging continued and with the courage of a lion she went towards the door and asked,' who is it? '

    To be continued.

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