• mylifeftink 45w


    I know there are some things i need to say to you. I'm sorry i wasn't able to stay and left you broken. This guilt is still on my chest and It just haunts me. Let's go to the part where it all started it was me who is to be blamed but you kept all the blames on yourself. I guess it became too heavy and you lost your patience with me and what i did at that time? Pushed you away like you didn't matter. I'm sorry i left you in peaces but karma has its own way cus i can't find peace anywhere and now i just can't lift the weight of this guilt. Whenever I'm alone, this thing hits my head and it feels like i should be dead now. But I've realized my mistake and in my dreams we're everything you wanted us to be and it's so perfect. Nothing can describe how much I'm missing you. Now i know how much I've fucked things between us. It's been 2 years and I still can't forget you and how messed everything.