• alongamri 15w

    How can you grow nor help someone grow if you are always in doubt or untrusting or need regular assurance on how much they love you?
    if you aren't confident and strong enough to handle your own emotions how can you take care of someone elses emotional whirlwind and Rather than dump all your insecurities and emotional trash On the other person and get disappointed when they aren't as supportive as u expected ,why not become stronger so they don't have to deal with your emotional bullshit, because believe me we all have our own shit to deal with, so fix your shit Yourself before you say you want them in your life because its not a give and take event its just give and RECEIVE (not take) , so seriously fix yourself and and be a stronger person Because unless you are completely ready to take in someone's life and all the baggage they bring just don't commit and waste their time, and to be honest its tiring and it kills the romance..its as simple as that. Being in a relationship is not only about YOU or what you stand to gain or lose
    I feel its a process of evolving to find our betterselves and how compatible you are to grow in tandem with it.