• a_way_to_infinity 12w

    Have you ever lived through a daymare?
    Where your demons are your only aura
    And monsters are your sole shadows;
    Where terrors do come true
    And feelings lives through fictions;
    When your own voice becomes the ghouls of the ghosts
    And your own soul feeds you with venom;
    Like you have been trapped, so long in your own built town
    that gives you nothing just a continuous haunting feeling;
    When you scream but not really scream;
    Your voice echos but strikes nowhere;
    When you whisper things to city
    but they return back;
    Your heart ache but you feel nothing;
    Trapped in your own built walls
    and no way to freed away;
    Gravity pulls you deeper and deeper and deeper;
    Sitting on your sofa
    But feels like
    In a never ending ocean.
    Monsters search you each moment as their prey;
    Phantom seems to beguile
    enjoying every bit of your boken piece;
    And a voice pokes from the corner of your mind
    Which make you feel, you are in a daymare!