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    ������������������, you cant read my mind,, because iam crazy����������������

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    Iam broken

    A page from my diary#3
    2nd july,monday

    Dear mind,
    You know iam really crazy.I just really make fun with everything. But all these crazy things, holds my broken heart together.Iam broken, not because i lost my love its because i dont have a love,, and i dont wish to have one,, really crazy. I just wished to have someone, who helps me to pull me up to my dream,, lonliness really hurts,, but listen iam not that weak, i just believed that i deserves someone great,and one day he will step into my life,,, but its not like that,, iam just an ordinary girl,, who never deserves best,,,i know,, i have limitations for my dreams,, but i believed,,,, iam alone and broken before love comes into my life,,,, iam different,,, and just one of a kind,,,, and i challenge you,,,you cant find another one like mehaha,,,just kiddingAlone