• whogurpreet 7w

    Don't tell me

    Don't tell me to be strong
    When you don't even realise that
    Devils are eating me up and all you can see is a fake smile on my face hiding the pain
    Don't tell me to change myself
    When you don't even know the real me
    The me which is dying to come up
    But is pushed down by the crowd around
    Don't tell me that you have sympathy for me when you don't even know the reason behind these fucking scars on my body and you don't even care to know
    Above that you don't have any idea about the scars on my soul
    Don't tell me to be with anyone of you
    When you can't even accept the real me which life has made
    Don't tell me that you understand me when you don't have any clue what to say to me when you realise i wanna be dead
    Don't tell me anything coz none of you matter now...
    Don't utter a word coz your words seem worthless now..
    Just leave....if you can't fight.. If you can't struggle to be beside me....if you don't love me... If understanding is nil...
    Just leave...
    Just leave...