• ryves85 23w

    True story about a guy I met when I moved into my first home away from my parents.. sadly he passed away a few years later, but the times I did get to speak with him were memories that'll last a lifetime. A very intelligent mind, but life got the better of him unfortunately.

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    Darkness awaits him when he gets home
    On his own he is,
    Every night he sits alone,
    No kids..
    No family ever visit,
    His life looks almost non existent
    His only company,
    The birds singing in trees
    Sometimes the squirrels he'll feed
    And also the people he may see
    Whilst out on the streets
    Rumours speculate,
    But no-one knows for sure
    I moved into a new home today..
    Guess what..
    He lives next door..

    Rat a tat tat on his letter box
    Sly as a fox
    He watched
    Behind a closed door
    No answer today...
    But tomorrow
    I'll try again
    Once more