• anonymous_girl 23w

    When the perpetrators have no remorse and the brunt Of their illicit actions make the whole community a target of the rest mass.
    Same happens when a terrorist commits a crime and a Muslim is targeted.
    I could have mentioned many instances but I rest my case here. Maybe because I have seen people stop care after a while.. People includes me too!!!
    PS: forgive me for the typos.

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    You know what's really sad?
    Good guy's apologising for the wrongs done by the evil men..
    Good guy's saying "We are sorry for someone in our clan did the heinous act"
    Good guy's feeling worse and depressive about the wrong's done on women
    Whereas a brutal man who gives shit about nothing but his gratification gets away by the loopholes in our law system.
    Because our law promotes unity equality and all the Ethics but turns blind eye towards such people claiming that they deserve a right to correct their wrongs...

    What's really sad is each time a good man feels he is targeted too by feminist fraternity when the bad guy commits a crime.