• wreckbeck 6w

    need a love song

    I need a love song
    To explain how it feels
    To watch you be yourself
    And laugh with your head leaning back
    And smile with your eyes
    And the soft chuckle you use when you know you're the only one listening to my jokes
    Over the noise
    I need a love song
    That captures the essence of your character
    And the light that follows you around
    And the kindness of your soul
    The way your passion guides you through your life and your heart tells you where to turn
    I need a love song
    To sing on the way home
    With the windows down and the breeze cool
    After a night out with our friends
    That ended in me, once again, being unable to tell you how I feel
    I need a love song
    To fall asleep to
    Thinking of you
    Wishing you were next to me
    And dreaming of the memories I hold of us and the ones I can't wait to make
    I need a love song
    To play
    To tell you
    That these feelings I'm fighting
    Are the best things that ever happened to me
    I need that love song
    To be written
    And sold
    So instead of telling you how I feel
    I can play it over the speakers
    And watch you until I catch your attention
    And maybe, finally, you'll see me
    For who I am
    The small, shy girl
    Who will cross mountains and rivers for you
    And I hope you get that feeling too
    When our eyes connect
    Butterflies flutter in my stomach
    And I get lost in those damn blue eyes
    I need a love song
    For the way I feel about you
    But none of them
    Have yet come close