• the_mighty_feather 47w

    That girl.....

    I saw a girl in the sunshine
    May be she was unhappy to see me
    Don't know why?
    That girl in the sunshine
    Attitude at heights
    Looked at her,,It was still at heights
    I saw a girl...

    She walked away,, Leaving a memory behind..
    That girl...
    Left her attitude in my mind
    A mere imagination
    What her attitude said?
    Was she sad...
    Don't know why?

    I saw her once again in the woods
    Woods know her by chance
    She once again looked at me...
    I was staring at her
    Like an owl
    What her attitude said?

    What her weapon was?
    Her attitude...
    She was quite,, But her weapon..
    Saying it all
    Leaving an abstract imagination...
    That girl...