• tomorrow_might_never_be 52w

    A friend's proposal

    This love is unconditional,
    Il never need you to love me back,
    And you can never love me the way i do,
    I just wanna stay in this friend zone,
    Il cherish each conversation,
    While other guys get fed up,
    Of their girls' talks,
    Il still be listening to you,
    Please dont stop your talk,
    When i sound low,
    Il shout but just il let you know,
    That im much in need of your voice.
    You'll never be alone,
    Hang out,have fun i dont care,
    Cuz im not jealous,im just being fair,
    Cuz you dont have to change you,
    just for me,live your own life,
    Have your space.
    The eyes that watch us,are dirty,
    Im true,but i know im lil flirty,
    Il propose you though but im little different,
    I need no kiss,no ring,
    Just your presence till the end,
    No matter what this whole world thinks,
    We ll just be friends,
    Its more than the relationships,
    I assure you il listen to your utternonsense,
    Only if you make sure,we ll forever be great friends,
    Hey girl,will you be my friend forever?