• tdomagar 23w

    Not You

    I don't feel guilty.
    I won't apologize.
    This is my life, not yours.
    I won't regret one moment, right or wrong.
    Would I do anything differently?
    A lot.
    What would I change?
    Life is a marvelous train ride.
    Don't sit in a car and watch from a window.
    Climb on top and hold on tight.
    Duck at the bridges.
    Jump at the crossings.
    Don't ask to steer, the rails won't let you.
    It doesn't pass the same place twice,
    and you only get off once.
    When it comes time to disembark,
    you take no luggage and no friends.
    Scream "faster" as loud as you can.
    Not because you want off sooner,
    but you want to see as much as you can on the ride.
    This glorious, magnificent, one time ride.
    How dare you ask me to regret one moment.
    If I did, it would be you.