• tmdisarro 12w

    Random DARKNESS

    Darkness is a virtue
    A melancholy prize
    A dawn that's never breaking
    as it hides behind your eyes
    Visions chasing shadows
    in the center of your moon
    Counting empty planets
    as you sleep inside a spoon
    Dreams are meant for nomads
    who must drift from town to town
    The sky is not the limit
    For their world is upside down
    Black is not a color
    but it's just a state of mind
    The more we focus on the light
    the faster we go blind
    Feel our way with words we choose
    Tripping over lies
    Listening to the echoes
    of a thousand alibis
    Denial at inception
    you wear it as a crown
    The rule of fools
    who wander through
    the darkness that they own

    TM DiSarro

    ©2018 TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

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