• poetically 49w

    World separates the person we love and we hang in the past counting the days when we had been loved
    Insteed of living the pain and feeling it. We like to fly but which is the place that is reliefs sorrow? And what should we even gain sitting here, lets leave everything away, i'll take your hand come lets run away you and I.
    ( i am not good at translating but i guess the meaning is same but if you could understand it in nepali it would be more beautiful)

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    भागि जाउ

    संसारको रित यस्तै नै हो
    सबै छाडि जाने नै हो,
    व्यर्थको कुरामा अल्झी बसि
    जिन्दगी बिताउने पो हो
    उड्न त मन लाग्छ
    जाने त हो कता,
    पाउन यहाँ के छ र
    छाडी राखी जाउँ तिमी म...