• sheikhaehsann 12w

    He stills Waits for her text's

    *Thier conversation*

    *Sir why you take these sleeping pills" she asked me while we where in hospital

    "Reason's are many" he replied
    "Could you tell atleast one?" she questioned?

    *Ok let me start"
    "Last time I asked you about ....

    If you could remember , that I told you
    She had the best smile to live for,
    If you remember I told you she was having those
    Blue eyes that had attraction of magnet,
    She used to text me goodnight and love you,
    She used to kiss me,
    And hug was our habitual thing,"

    " So what is that to do with sleeping pills" she smirked

    *Above things have"
    * I take pills so that I could sleep,
    And dream ,
    Dream about that smile , which she passed always
    When I got a joke, and when ever we hold hands,

    Dream about those blue eyes which
    ,attracted me to follow up her ,
    Dream to go deep in those eyes and tell,
    She had promised to be with me ,
    When my sky will be grey,
    Did she forget her promise"

    I dream so that I could kiss her forehead,
    And tell her how much I love her,

    And most important, I dream to have
    The hug , which has power to make me stronger
    Then ever

    And moreover when I sleep,
    She texts me that she loves , even from miles,
    She will comback , and kiss my forehead one day,
    And we will see each other eye's for hour's,
    And have a hug, till eternity,"

    "And tell me more" she asked

    " It is time to sleep" I replied