• adarshwrites 22w


    Covered in red,
    washed, caressed
    world's light falls in my eye
    for the first time.
    unaware of everything,
    my little body
    being passed in arms.
    People and faces with smile
    happiness in their eyes.
    A new journey was to begin
    the day i was born,

    Days, how quick they pass
    laughing, crying in light and dark
    So happy that day they seemed,
    excitement in their eyes
    unaware of the reason i lie
    or maybe twas the first time
    I called them 'mum and dad'

    Holding his hand
    I was learning to walk
    staggering and falling.
    But that day
    no support, no falls
    ten little steps
    before mom happily
    lifted me in arms.
    i saw them happy
    but I was confused
    why did they cry
    And then i learned
    about tears of joy.

    Watching my favourite toon
    paddling that cycle, three wheeled
    playing with toys, plastic bird.
    I was now six
    right time for school life to unfold
    So many faces unknown
    at right place, yet lost
    and when the last bell rang
    I know how in my mom's
    arm i ran, weeping
    whispered first false promise
    "I'll never leave you again."

    In school,
    time flies,
    reading, writing, learning
    homework and picnics
    so many friends
    over these years i made
    and suddenly the time stops
    that one girl, I've
    never felt this way before
    the way she looks and adore
    her voice sounds so heavenly
    girl in my dreams
    first crush and
    first love is she.

    Sixteen years of my life
    had passed
    so many people
    I've lost
    I know things that were
    once unknown
    and so much more
    yet to come.
    I want to see my
    future once
    I want to hold
    my past.
    childhood and love
    that is lost
    but how long will
    I wander with this
    broken heart.
    It's time for the
    sun to shine
    for now i know
    That life is never
    about losing
    but finding new
    reasons and ways
    to be happy and live.