• infinitywill 53w

    A Quidditch like game with 'sail on wheels'

    One night..
    usually a story starts with "One fine day..." well i'm talking about a dream.

    I had a dream where people were on a big play ground..playing a never seen sport. These players had their own teams and positions on the ground and a ball right in the middle of the ground. Some players were on their foot and some other players were on this huge things..with sails(like a boat sail),wooden wheels,wooden pedals and also handlebars. It had only one sail, concave shaped supported with wooden logs..like a kite and handlebars are used to control their direction. I dubbed it 'sail on wheels'.

    Doesn't it sound like Fred Flintstone's car added with a sail..it does, right? 

    Now don't ask me how this 'sail on wheels' works? dreams don't tell you that...

    Coming to the game the players on the ground were kicking, passing the ball and trying to goal. And these bunch of players who are on 'sail on wheels' blocked the opponent's ball with their sail...using handlebars to change the direction of the sail and pedal to move and at the same time they pass the ball to one of their own team player to goal.

    how the game is played and what are the rules..? well dreams don't tell you those details either.(we'll assume that the point system and rest of the rules are similar to games like football.)

    the players on the ground are so competitive... eyes only on the ball..doesn't seem like a friendly match..audience cheering and shouting doesn't seem to effect them..so concentrated..

    And then like every other dream i woke up right before the climax.